SLSA Sport 2SE


These characteristics are for the SLSA as defined by the rule. Actual characteristics of the Sport 2S may differ. However where they differ they still meet the rule.

PowerPlant Rotax 582
No. Cylinders 2
Displacement 580.7 cc
Horsepower 65 hp
Recommended TBO 300 hrs
Propeller 72" in
Length 18ft 3in
Height 8ft 1/2 in
Wingspan 30 ft 11 in
Wing area 174.1 sq ft
Wing loading 5.74 lb/sq ft
Power loading 15.53 lb/hp
Seats 2
Minimum weight crew 1
Empty Weight 444 lb
Useful load 556 lb
Payload w/full fuel. 520 lb
Max takeoff weight 1000 lb
Fuel capacity 12 U.S. gal
Vx (Best angle of climb) 37 mph
Vy (Best rate of climb) 43 mph
Va (Design maneuvering) 70 mph
Vne (Never exceed). 80 mph
Vs1 (Stall, power off) 38 mph
Lading approach speed 49 mph
Take off distance, ground roll 340 ft
Takeoff distance, 50 ft obstacle 650 ft
Rate of climb 430 ft/min
Max level speed, sea level 61 mph
Landing distance, 50 ft obstacle 580 ft
Landing distance, ground roll 280 ft
Glide Ratio 5.5:1
Minimum sink rate 660 ft/min
At 55% power (5300 rpm/mph) 46 mph
At 65% power (5600 rpm/mph) 50 mph
At 75% power (5900 rpm/mph) 58 mph
At 100% power (6500 rpm/mph) 61 mph
At 55% power (5300 rpm/gph) 3.5 gph (13.2 lph) 96 mi (154.5 km)
At 65% power (5600 rpm/gph) 4.8 gph (18.2 lph) 75 mi (120.7 km)
At 75% power (5900 rpm/gph) 5.6 gph (21.2 lph) 70 mi (112.6 km)
At 100% power (6500 rpm/gph) 6.4 gph (28.4 lph) 72.5 mi (116.6 km)
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The airplane comes nicely equipped with:

3 blade tapered tip composite warpdrive that provides better thrust but is easy on the engine. The experimental version has a 2 blade wood prop. It is also less noisy.

It comes with E-gearbox reduction, battery and built-in electric starter so the airplane can be started with a button push instead of hand proping it like the experimental version (B gearbox).

It comes already with oil injection so the pilot can just add fuel when flying to another airfield instead of having to prepare the oil-gas mix in an strange airfield like the experimental.

It has a 12 gallon tank in place of the standard 6 gallon tank in the experimental version so that the airplane can fly longer distances instead that just around the patch.

It has K&N filters for easier maintenance. They can be washed and re-used. The standard foam-type I the experimental had to be sustituted every 50 hrs. It comes with larger diameter 15" wheels for softer landings from un-improved airstrips and smoother taxi. The experimental has smaller 13" wheels.

It comes with a double panel for a digital engine info system and analog flight instruments that allow checking the engine in flight and offers a more professional flight experience. The experimental version does not come with instruments (except a Hall) in its most basic version.

It comes with black max wheel brakes for better braking action in very short fields and precision teleflex table for firmer and more responsive feel.

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